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Your parents, five or 5,000 miles away,

                     on their own, enjoying retirement.
An athlete training through the heat of a long summer's day.
A baby boomer at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

EMT provides you or your loved ones with your own personal emergency response system with the introduction of our revolutionary EMT WriskWatch™ system. Through pulse, we can determine if you are on the verge of a cardiac incident. The WriskWatch system also features an automated fall detection and panic button.   And we do it using devices that we all have and are comfortable with - wristwatches and cell phones. That's it. No wires, no belts, no necklaces, no harnesses.   We promise.

More importantly, and unlike any other product available today, you do not have to summon help. If you have loss of pulse or are incapacitated, we detect it automatically and respond. And the best news is, its affordable. Now that's peace of mind.

So as to provide you with flexible choices, the WriskWatch system offers three graduated levels of service: Alert, Broadcast, and Coordinate. Our Alert level serves to identify the existence of an emergency and to inform the people you designate as responders. The Broadcast level introduces automated location features and expanded response information. Finally, the Coordinate level seeks to secure the highest level of cardiac arrest intervention with home-based AED devices and support.


System Overview

How It Works


EMT has universal applicability across age, gender, and health. As an individual you may be looking for basic self-assurance. As a son or daughter you can rest easy about your parents.  As a parent you can better secure your child.

Your peace of mind includes:

  • Automatic detection of loss of pulse or sudden fall immediately summons help.
  • EMT emergency response on request and automatically.
  • Notification of friends and family - or whoever you designate.
  • Proactive indication of cardiac stress.
  • Non-intrusive use. Our watch is simply worn on the wrist. It does not require any wires, leads, belts or harnesses.
  • Pulse thresholds that are set for your personal range based on age.
  • Flexible levels of service from basic notification to Sudden Cardiac Arrest intervention.
  • Affordability - low initial activation fee and monthly fee based on service level.

Possible applications include:

  • Any individual with known risk of heart disease.
  • Seniors who wish to continue living in their own homes yet need monitoring and protection.
  • Individuals who may live or work in stressful environments.
  • Parents wishing to protect a child who is in        trouble or lost.
  • Athletes who train under rigorous conditions.
  • Any individual who wishes the security of personal emergency assistance.


System Overview

EMT uses an array of sophisticated sensors and Bluetooth wireless technologies to detect and respond to your emergency.

The basic system includes:

  • 2 water & sweat resistant wristwatches with        built-in pulse sensors
  • Bluetooth-enabled cell phone & cradle
  • Wireless landline phone with hands-free speakers and range extender
  • Pulse & Fall Detection
  • Ladies, men's, teen, and child sizes and styles
  • Alert, Broadcast, or Coordinate Service Levels: each level includes the capabilities of the previous level plus additional features.
Our enhanced system capabilities include:
  • GPS-based location
  • AED devices and location systems for cardiac arrest response
  • Electronic logs of readings and events for subsequent playback
  • Enhanced telecommunications with health professionals
  • Auto-door unlock
How It Works

Our unique sensor technology monitors your pulse from within a simple wristwatch. The watch communicates with a standard Bluetooth-enabled phone and the EMT Response System which manages alerts, alarms, responses, and system integrity checks.

Our 2nd tier response level, Broadcast, also incorporates an electronic AED locator system. Should you have a cardiac incident, your location is automatically relayed to the EMT Response System, which in turn feeds back the closest locations of working AEDs. An expanded cardiac response capability is available in our Coordinate level, which includes an affordable, home-based AED device. An AED provides the highest chance of survival in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


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